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Immense talent portrayed in Madam Tieger’ s Illumination

Some 10 years ago I hit the radio airwaves on a Sunday night special at WARL 1320 AM, (LATE AM) filled with local talent, and during that three years-plus, also hit another station as Uncle J (for jazz), at WAKX 102.7 FM (both stations now kaput) every day during the busy afternoon run. That was a broad-based Jazz show spiced with many local area performers and creatives and it was all just to satisfy myself as to what Rhode Island really had to hear from itself. During that time, I opened the floodgates to many wannabes, unknowns, long-time musos and all flavors of things entertaining. If you sent me a CD, I played it or part of it on the air! It was a near musical “Gong Show” at times, but it was fun while it lasted and I made lots of friends doing it. There were many truly talented and accomplished people who shared themselves and their craft.

In that time, there was no one more talented and unpretentious and truly gracious as the amazing singer/songwriter Kari Tieger. She is lovely, talented (I’ve said it again) and has a vocal ability to echo across the universe. She was delightful as a guest on my show and we also had the pleasure of other musical undertakings that we both contributed to in the aftermath. It was a pleasure for me and I had a chance to develop a respect for Tieger’s admirable musical ability and depth. She is amazing (I’ve said it again).

Recently, we tripped over each other in a parking lot and during a short chat I absconded a copy of her newest musical endeavor, her new CD Illumination before giving her a quick introduction to my wife, Dani, and a customary Papa Angelo bear hug. Then off we went with the goods in hand to test fly it in my Fiat dashboard for the afternoon … a great flight indeed and soaring at high altitude.

At the risk of sounding infatuated, Madame Tieger’s recent work is sparkling.  It echoes her classical training in music, her sensitivity to the media, and her comfort with her Langue Francaise qui est tres magnifique featured on two special works: “L’ Amour” and “Tout De Meme,” and both dedications ring true.

To say that Tieger’s talent is immense is quite real and the breadth of reference in melodies spans hundreds of years, from ancient Ladino and Celtic origins, married to a near pop-jazz expressionism. It is theater at its best while easy on the operetta, if you will.  Her voice is in the same league as a Joni Mitchell or Judy Collins, but it breathes easily and is alive in the here and now. There is nothing stuffy in Kari Tieger’s style or delivery. Ms. Tieger shines with a radiant glow in Illumination.

Of this recent entry Tieger says, “These songs span all the years that I’ve been writing, from my very first songs written at ages 15 to 20, to my most recent compositions. Illumination brings out of obscurity and into the light of day a few songs that I had begun to doubt would ever be released. There is also an underlying theme of searching and growth, and of reaching for clarity and light.”

From the stunning cover (Natalie Diaz) through all 15 entries, this album has a range of contributing local talent that renders pristine and sublime with monumental quality. Folks like Paul Gabriel, Lindsay Adler, Sara Bartel (and a small army of others) along with Kari Tieger herself. In this age of new techno-do-it-yourselfism where musicians often hand out homemade CD copies as business cards, this is a serious production and will be the envy of any studio anywhere as a hip-eclectic and very evolved form of cross-genre chamber music for the many… a gem indeed: Bravo!!

All tracks are available on iTunes. For more info visit: or TIGER SOUND BOX 154513, Riverside, RI 02915.

Kari Tieger offers another album of sweet sounds with Illumination

By Bill Copeland on March 21, 2014 (An Excerpt)

Kari Tieger's latest album Illumination is a delightful combination of bouncy, show-tune inspired pop and singer/songwriter sensibility. Don't let the jaunty lightness of the sprightly music fool you. Much seriousness abounds from the lyrics Tieger has written and from the covers she has selected. While her especially lovely voice and dainty piano lines feel uplifting, she can be contemplating anything from isolation and sadness to the mysteries of the universe.

Tieger isn't flying solo. She has a list of skillful musicians contributing their instrumental finesse to her tracks: Lindsay Adler, Sara Bartel, Jon Patrick Brennan, Sheryl Cohen, Erin Quinton Erban, R.A. Fish, Paul Gabriel, Josh Kane, Marcus Monteiro, Dave Price, Ron Schmitt, Alex Tirrell, Katie Waters, Barbara Zdravesky, and the Reed Quartet, Jessica Carrera, Ian Greitzer, Josh JK "Bone" Kane, and Jim Kassal.

"Music of the Muse" comes trotting in like something out of a pleasant dream. Tieger's lovely lilting vocal line carries the listener along with its sweet timbre and easeful glide. An upbeat flavor from the gently picked electric guitar, peppy percussion work, and a breezy keyboard melody carry one right into her world of svelte soundscapes.

"Shine So Bright" closes out the album with a charge of upbeat cheer and positive energy. You can picture knights galloping forth on their bright white stallions to bring happy news to the king. The cheerful mood spreads wide and deep, gives an insight [to] Tieger's personality, and [ends] her album on a very happy note that will leave her fans eagerly awaiting her next album.

John Fuzek's THE ROOTS REPORT in Motif Magazine

John Fuzek's THE ROOTS REPORT, Slipping Into Spring, March 6, 2014

An Excerpt:

A little over 20 years ago a handful of songwriters made up the original core group of members that launched the Rhode Island Songwriters Association. One of the artists was Kari Tieger. Over the years Kari has released many CDs and been involved in many, many shows. Her latest CD, Illumination, is her best work to date. The 15-song disc sounds sort of like "Phantom of the Opera" meets Kate Bush. The music is very theatrical in nature, very well produced, and Kari's voice is in fine form. The list of musicians who contributed to the recording is long, but it includes such notable names as Tony Ricci, Josh Kane, Paul Gabriel, Bob Fish, Lindsay Adler, Sara Bartel, Alex Tirrell, and Kari's son Jon Brennan. The official CD release show will be held on Sunday, March 30 from 2 PM until 5 PM at the home of the NEW Triad Studio in Warren. Tieger will perform selections from the CD accompanied by many of the session players who contributed to the original tracks. Take this rare opportunity to hear a work of recorded art reproduced live. For more about Kari and the release show, illuminate your way over to See our review at

This is a must-have collection of songs. The compositions are rich and beautifully melodic. Kari brings you into her world with each song. She is singing and playing from the heart, and it shows!  Love it....


There are so many songs, so many instruments and voices, so well put together on this album. The arrangements are perfect. Shine So Bright is my favorite and I've listened to Ah Poor Bird on repeat. Worth owning.

As this CD slowly unfolds I can hear many different musical soundscapes reminiscent of such classic[s as] Enya, Sarah MacLachlan, Fairport Convention, Judith Marjorie "Judy" Collins, Lisa Stansfield, Loreena McKennitt, and even Celine Dion. The music itself is an impressive blend of Classical Singer/Songwriter Euro-Folk-Pop with a European flair. All in all it's got a refined Pop aftertaste. Some of this can even be classified as Classical or even "high end" Orchestral Vocal Pop. The musicianship of everyone involved is clearly above the bar. Besides the 4 piece standard you will notice lush instrumentation with things like impressive guitar, sporadic percussive accents, lush harmonies, keyboards, piano, eloquent flute, Celtic ambiance and fretwork and instrumentation, acoustic Guitar, eloquent strings ... all built upon an impressive rhythmic section. Turning our attention now over to Tieger -- she has an extremely appealing voice smooth as silk and showcases a crystal clear Mezzo-Soprano with an impressive [second register] and vibrato. Tieger has a unique and infectious vocal persona that is both mystifying, world class, and infectious. She has a good look that matches the voice and musical style perfectly. Her vocal emotions at times can be gripping, striking, haunting, at at times brilliantly hypnotic. She is a master at sliding into the musical pocket and singing her parts peacefully and unobstrusively. Tieger and her amazing group of players handle all the pin drop moments well. The songwriting provides a lot of musical depth and emotion. All the Engineering aspects are in check (Recording, Mixing, and Mastering) as the CD possesses solid low end punch and crystal clear high end clarity. I can honestly say I was entertained the entire time, with never a dull moment to be found on this CD. From hooky [on] my personal favorite "Montmartre" to hypnotic "Ah Poor Bird" to methodical "A ma Rose" to melodic "Invitation" and "L'Amour" this CD has something for just about everyone. The CD ends with track 15 "Shine So Bright" the perfect finale statement for a CD of this caliber.

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"So many words come to mind -- atmospheric, introspective, ethereal, evocative of each intended mood, nice clean production too.  I like your vocal range, it's smooth across all registers, and it's not blasting on the high stuff, which I appreciate.  (It's more like a dove floating than an eagle screaming, which I've heard in lots of other projects.)  Music not only of another time, but of a different mindset.  It's not like, 'Ok, here's another batch of tunes aimed squarely at the pop market, or whatever market' -- It's coming from you, your heart, your influences, and what you love.  And that's where creation is true and innocent, unaffected by what the market wants it to be.  I enjoyed the semi-medieval flavors [and] classical sounds of several periods in music history.  Melody, harmony, counterpoint, all with phrasing appropriate to the styles intended.  Spot-on pitch, by the way."

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