What a Wonderful Summer!

Summer is winding down now, but the weather this season has been perfectly wonderful on the whole -- not too hot, with lots of sunny days.  It was my goal when school ended in June to play at a couple of new open mics, and to take advantage of any other performance opportunities that came my way.  

Happy to report that I did in fact perform at the Borealis & Pub on Park Open Mics, but also for the Fete de la Musique, at a music party hosted by friends in Londonderry, NH, and at a beautiful B&B in the New Hampshire Woods.  I include a few photos. 

1) At Fete de la Musique 21 June, 2) Borealis 13 July, and 3) Pub on Park 15 Aug:

At the Alliance Francaise



At Pub on Park

(Have you noticed I most often play with my eyes closed? Lol)

Here are two more photos from Londonderry, NH.  The 1st was at the music party I mentioned, and the 2nd was at Tiffany Gardens B&B.

At John & Colleen's Party

At Tiffany Gardens

I also began work in earnest on my next recording project, a Nightsong EP, which will feature several songs I composed expressly for our 2009 production of the Broadway style show, as well as two or three vampire songs penned by my coauthor Kevin Campbell.

See you next month!!

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