Update on the Valentine's Project

An UPDATE:  Hello, People.  It's Saturday the 14th of January, and Valentine's Day is now just a month away.  For those of you who haven't gathered as much through recent posts on Facebook and Instagram, I thought I'd let you know that Natalie Diaz is now NOT in fact doing the cover for Valentine.  Unfortunately she had way too much going on to do it justice.

So Jon Patrick Brennan -- already Co-Producer and one of the recording engineers for the project, as well as a contributing musician, AND composer/arranger of the viola and English Horn parts -- offered to do it, then subsequently decided to do all the graphics for the CD.  You might say he got inspired, once he saw the cover photo I was planning to use.  The rest of the theme and color scheme seemed to flow naturally, and yes, the only hint I will give you is that there may be a rose or two involved.  Duh!!  It IS a Valentine's release by Kari Tieger, after all...

Here we are putting the finishing touches on the booklet, and we're really happy with the results!

At any rate, the Mastering is now complete, and we will soon be submitting all the files to Oasis for duplication.  I believe the graphics are a beautiful match for the audio content of my Valentine single, and I couldn't be more pleased!  :)

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