Touch Revisited CD Release Party!

In just under a month from now, we are happy to announce that we will at long last be holding our CD Release Party for Touch of Magic Revisited!!

The mixing process took some time, since there were more than 20 tracks to consider, and we opted to re record the final song Spectrum, which had originally been a hidden track.

Last week was an intensive period of mastering at TRIAD, and now we are listening back carefully to see if there are any last minute tweaks we wish to make before sending everything off to Oasis for printing and pressing.

Engineers Matt Ricci, Jon Patrick Brennan and I are all very proud of the work we've done over the past 15 months, and of how the results truly reflect our combined input.

We have scheduled the Release Party for May 26th from 2 to 5 PM at TRIAD Recording Complex, 25 Market Street, Warren 02885.  There will be a brief performance of select songs from the album, after which we will eat, drink, and be merry.

We hope you will consider joining us!

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