TOUCH OF MAGIC: Project Re-Release 2018

Greetings, All!

It's Official:  On December 11th, we begin remixing my first CD on TIGER SOUND, Touch of Magic (1998), with the goal of re-releasing it in 2018 for its 20th Anniversary.  Beloved by many, this promises to be a very interesting project.  I have long wished to hear the album with updated production values, and am most anxious to begin.

You should know that it wasn't easy even finding someone to digitize the tracks.  Due to an outdated format, a number of false starts and dead-end inquiries over the past couple of years eventually led to the excellent conversion house Sonicraft A2DX Lab in Freehold, New Jersey, where Chief Transfer Engineer Kevin Przybylowski successfully transfered the analog reel-to-reel files to a digital format, so that we could begin work on them at TRIAD-Normandy.

Jon Patrick Brennan has been invaluable, as always.  First, he painstakingly listened to everything to ensure that all the original tracks were in fact represented.  And he has already done and will continue to do pre-production to facilitate the whole process.  Next Matt Ricci, Jon and I will work together on the songs one by one, until we're all satisfied that they sound as good as they possibly can.

I'll post updates from time to time, so that you can keep track of our progress.  I hope many of you are as excited as we are to see Touch come back to life! 

Until then, I'd like to wish everyone a warm and wonderful holiday season, with a healthy and happy 2018 to follow.

Musically yours,

Kari T.

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