The End of the Year is Fast Approaching!

Now that my birthday celebration is winding down, we focus in earnest on the single.  Last week we recorded some flute tracks, and this Friday we're adding an English Horn line to one of the songs.  "Bit by bit, putting it together," as the line from the Barbra song goes.

Here are a couple of photos from my recent session with Kirk Feather.

We were listening back to the tracks:


ALSO, Two Kari Tieger songs in French will soon be featured on a webcast this week from Montreal Radio Cite, thanks to longtime fan and radio host Gerard Mauvillain, the link for which is  As soon as he gives me the details, I will post a short update so that some of you may catch it in real time, although I suspect it will remain available on their site.

That's all for now -- the work continues!

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