Summer Performances and Music Projects Update

Greetings, All!

Fete de la Musique 2018 has come and gone, along with a couple of impromptu performances at FASRI and the Mediator Stage Open Mic.  New videos are up at my youtube for all!  Sherry Romanzi and Erin Quinton continue to graciously accompany me at my live shows. I include a few photos from recent performances. -- SEE BELOW

(Visit for videos of all.)

With Sherry Romanzi, singing Les Feuilles Mortes:  (Photo by Erin Quinton)

Performing The Ocean at FASRI: (Photo by Barbara Gardner)

At the Mediator Stage Open Mic with Erin Q:  (Photo by Don Tassone)


Remixing Touch of Magic is nearly finished.  Matt Ricci, Jon Patrick Brennan and I have now worked our way through all of the 20 tracks, and are at the final stage where only minor tweaking is required.  We are currently re-recording Spectrum from stratch, because this final, hidden track from the 1998 release was lost in digital transfer.  Piano & Vocals, and Acoustic Guitar are done, and next we'll add Viola, Flute, and Bassoon.

As you are no doubt aware, Summer is winding down, and soon people will head back to school, yours truly also, to teach piano at the French American School.  It will be good to see everyone again.  Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer!!

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