Pre-Release of the Valentine Tracks

Since the title track of my Valentine CD will air at Women of Substance Radio on the first of February, and will premiere in their podcast #577 on February 8th (at noon Eastern Time), I've decided to make the whole album available online for pre-release as of February 1st as well.

On that date it can be heard at many sites, including ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and Soundrop (among others), and of course at!

There will still be an official Press Release on February 10th, and copies are always available for purchase from yours truly via face-to-face delivery.

As a teaser, I will say that at least two of the people in this photo play on the CD with me:

'Tis the season of Love, people.  Leaving Politics aside, try to be kind to one another.  <3

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