November 15 Open Mic Feature at the Mediator

Autumnal Greetings, One and All!  Fall is in full swing, with Thanksgiving & the Holidays right around the corner.  Erin Quinton and I had a wonderful rehearsal this morning and we're getting psyched for our upcoming feature at the Mediator Open Mic on Thursday, November 15th. 

With an obligatory focus on gratitude, she and I plan to perform some classic Kari Tieger songs and instrumentals, but we've also added a tune or two for the holiday season.  At Erin's request, Jon Patrick Brennan arranged a new viola part for her on one of my most popular French songs.  All in all, the evening promises to be great fun, and we hope to see you there!!


For those of you anxiously awaiting the re-release of Touch of Magic, it seems you will have to wait a bit longer.  As is often the case, LIFE happened, while we were busy making our plans. 

It became clear that in trying to get the album out before the end of 2018, we would have had to rush certain aspects, and I feared the quality might suffer as a result.  In order to give everything the attention it deserves, we've opted instead to release Touch Revisited in the first half of 2019, at which time we also hope to put together a celebratory Release Party.  PLEASE STAY TUNED!!

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