Those of you who follow Kari Tieger Music are familiar with the annual Summer Jam at the home of our good friends, Bill and Pam, where I've faithfully performed since 2009 (see videos at my youtube,  We recently celebrated Bill's 70th Birthday, at which -- not surprisingly -- there were a number of live performances.  I'm pleased to say I started things off with a set of my originals and one Beatles cover.

There are 4 new videos from the event at my channel, and here's a beautiful photo of me performing, taken that day by Sara Brennan.

Meanwhile, it continues to be a cool, rainy spring, but I will leave you with a sweet shot I took of the Muguet des bois (Lily of the Valley) in our Gnomes' Garden on a bright, sunny day earlier this month, before they are done blooming for this year.  See you later this summer!!

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