Mediator Open Mic, Thursday May 29th, 2014

This past Thursday, I went down to see Kevin Lucas perform his first feature at the Mediator and pulled out some older Kari Tieger tunes for the Open Mic, not wanting to duplicate  songs I'd played there in April, nor any the band and I will be playing at our upcoming feature in July.

Longtime fans of KT music will recognize the titles Green Eyes, Tu demeures dans mon coeur, and Just a Nate, as all 3 were on my 1998 debut album, Touch of Magic.  

I debated whether to play the funky old upright or the grand, but was persuaded

to sit down at the grand because it "would look better."  Congenial host Don Tassone took some photos, one of which I've posted.

Incidentally, if all goes well, the July 24th gig may be filmed for Harrison Young's "Topic Time."

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