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You Tube has become an increasingly important way in recent years for fans to explore in depth an artist's catalogue of music.  I consider myself more of a recording artist than a performer, so my youtube channel has never been a very big focus.  Until more recently, that is. 

[Photo of Kari Tieger's Eclectic Quartet (Barbara Zdravesky on cello, Jon Patrick Brennan on bass, Ron Schmitt on percussion, and yours truly at the keys) at the Brooklyn Coffee Teahouse, with Alex Tirrell on recorder, December 9th,2011.] I'll try to find something from this performance to add to my channel in the not too distant future.

Lately I have been making a concerted effort to release more videos, some of which are older gems (including some rare covers!) having only just been rediscovered by my husband Ollie, who has chronicled my whole career for more than 20 years.

This link -- -- will take you to my youtube channel, where you will find videos in both English and French, first and foremost originals, but yes, a few covers, many of which were recorded at an annual summer music party. 

I've just learned that artists cannot qualify for paid subscriptions on youtube until they have 1,000 subscribers.  Since mine currently number 34, I have a ways to go before that may be a possibility to even consider.  But why not go view a video or two, and subscribe while there?

I plan to keep unearthing and posting these performances, and will also add newer videos as they become available.  Happy listening, and thanks for reading!

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