Another week, another radio interview??

August 2014 was a month for 3 radio interviews, two of which were done live (8 minutes, and 30 minutes, respectively) on the Women's Radio Network in Sayville, NY, founded by Ray Charles' daughter Robyn Lajoya Charles. 

The most recent one, taped with Mike Maino at Rhode Island's only Classical Station, WCRI, for his program "Conducting Conversations" will air from 7-8 PM on Sunday, September 9th, after which it will be available as a podcast.

I was very glad to have the first two shorter shows under my belt, because prep for the third one on WCRI and the actual interview itself proved to be great fun, especially because it WAS taped, and not live.  And the hour-long format allowed Mike to play 5 or 6 whole songs of mine, instead of only a couple of 45 second samples.  Please tune into 95.9 WCRI at 7 PM this Sunday, or go to from Monday the 10th on.

Here's a photo taken of Mike Maino and me just before the interview:

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