8 Minute Radio Interview

On Monday, August 11th, I had a live radio interview on wrnw1.com, the Women's Radio Network.  I was asked to talk about what had inspired me to pursue this profession.  While it certainly helps having come from a musical family, the music itself is really what has always been the driving force behind every song and every album I've ever created and released. 

I don't usually set out to write a song, although many recommend working at it daily.  More often, I will begin to feel the need to express an idea, or I may find myself "haunted" by a certain progression or motif.  Sometimes a song starts with the lyrics, and sometimes with music -- I find they are equally valid ways to arrive at a song. 

Other songwriters, authors, and artists will know exactly what I mean when I say that creation is very much a birthing process.  No matter what else you are doing, whenever a new idea is working on you (and not the other way around!), it lurks in your consciousness, waiting to achieve expression.

Cheers until next month!

I attach a photo my husband Ollie took of me during the interview:

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