4 Generations of a Musical Family

Today I posted this photo from 1998 on facebook, newly rediscovered as Father's Day approaches this weekend.  It suddenly dawned on me that this quartet represents four generations of music making at the keys, two of whom have passed on, with the other two still at it. 

My paternal grandmother Jeanne Dvorzon taught piano for over 70 years, and I remember my dad Bernie Tieger -- a jazz drummer when I was young, and later a Sociology professor -- occasionally still sitting down to play blues or boogie on the piano.  I myself have composed and taught piano since my teens, performing my original music since the early 90s, and my son Jon Patrick Brennan is a composer/arranger who performs primarily on keyboard with his girlfriend Sara Bartel.  In this photo he had only just begun to play guitar, which later led to the formation of Shryne and his current musical adventures.

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