25 Years of Recording at TRIAD

In summer of 1989, a friend referred me to Tony Ricci to mix a multi-track song that he and I had recorded in the small studio he ran from his piano reburbishing business.  The song was Spectrum, first featured on Spectator of the Spectrum & Volume 8 of the Digital Mystery Tour series, and then later as a hidden track on my debut CD, Touch of Magic, in 1998.

Thus began a twenty-five year collaboration, as Tony soon became my engineer, co-producer and a good friend, helping to shape the course of my musical career.  During that time I've followed him through several moves:  from North Providence to Pontiac Mills, and then from Pawtucket to Warren, as Atonal became Triad Recording Complex, and most recently, Triad-Normandy.

With each successive project, we have fine-tuned the editing process, and Jon Patrick Brennan joined the creative team for 2014 release Illumination, which many people are saying is my best album to date.

Here are a photo of Tony and me in 1998 at Pontiac Mills in Warwick and one of me in Pawtucket in 2011.  The work continues; I have a few more projects in mind.  So please stay tuned!

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