Summer of 2019 -- Post Release and Performances

The new CD Touch of Magic Revisited has been out for exactly one month now.  Our CD Release Party was great fun, especially getting to perform with so many talented performers.  I was joined onstage by Jon Patrick Brennan on bass and backing vocals, of course, with Sara Brennan adding some additional vocals.  Our band also included Erin Quinton on viola and violin, Kirk Feather on saxophone and flute, and Al Lombardi on drums and percussion.  And for our final song, Live and Let Live, we had a small chorus of vocalists from the French American School.  An intimate yet enthusiastic audience cheered us on.

Touch of Magic Revisited is HERE!

Official Release Day for Touch of Magic Revisited is now only a couple of days away, and 2 boxes of the beautiful CDs arrived safely earlier this week.  I think it's time to unveil the actual cover, which replaces the image we've been using for the CD Release Poster and Pre-Release tracks.

Here it is, with thanks to Jon Patrick Brennan for the fine job he did with the graphics for the album.  Online platforms (including CDBaby, ITunes, and Spotify) should go live on or shortly after May 26th. 

Looking forward to hearing what you think of the new mixes!

Touch Revisited CD Release Party!

In just under a month from now, we are happy to announce that we will at long last be holding our CD Release Party for Touch of Magic Revisited!!

The mixing process took some time, since there were more than 20 tracks to consider, and we opted to re record the final song Spectrum, which had originally been a hidden track.

Last week was an intensive period of mastering at TRIAD, and now we are listening back carefully to see if there are any last minute tweaks we wish to make before sending everything off to Oasis for printing and pressing.

Engineers Matt Ricci, Jon Patrick Brennan and I are all very proud of the work we've done over the past 15 months, and of how the results truly reflect our combined input.

We have scheduled the Release Party for May 26th from 2 to 5 PM at TRIAD Recording Complex, 25 Market Street, Warren 02885.  There will be a brief performance of select songs from the album, after which we will eat, drink, and be merry.

We hope you will consider joining us!

Happy 2019!

Oh, my.  January has all fled by, and there's been no blog posted for a couple of months!  It seems high time I did so.

Hope your holidays were joyful, and that you got to reconnect with your dear ones.  To my mind, more than receiving or even giving gifts, that's the real reason for the season.  And now a new year is well underway.

As an update for the progress of Touch of Magic Revisited, we've been mixing for just over a year at this point, and the end does appear to be in sight.  It became clear that rushing to finish, simply to release it by the end of calendar year 2018, would have compromised the overall quality.

Excluding the holidays, Matt, Jon and I have instead opted to go on mixing at a steady pace, meeting about once a week.  Most of the tracks (and there are a LOT of them, 21 to be exact!) are sounding outstanding.

For the next month or so we will continue tweaking them, and then start to look toward planning our release party.  We may even pre-release a track or two!

In the short run, here's hoping you have a pleasant Valentine's Day.  As an aside, I suggest you stop by my youtube channel if it's been awhile, and please subscribe, if you haven't already.  I've posted some new videos since the fall.

Happy 2019 to one and all!

November 15 Open Mic Feature at the Mediator

Autumnal Greetings, One and All!  Fall is in full swing, with Thanksgiving & the Holidays right around the corner.  Erin Quinton and I had a wonderful rehearsal this morning and we're getting psyched for our upcoming feature at the Mediator Open Mic on Thursday, November 15th. 

With an obligatory focus on gratitude, she and I plan to perform some classic Kari Tieger songs and instrumentals, but we've also added a tune or two for the holiday season.  At Erin's request, Jon Patrick Brennan arranged a new viola part for her on one of my most popular French songs.  All in all, the evening promises to be great fun, and we hope to see you there!!

Summer Performances and Music Projects Update

Greetings, All!

Fete de la Musique 2018 has come and gone, along with a couple of impromptu performances at FASRI and the Mediator Stage Open Mic.  New videos are up at the Kari Tieger youtube Channel for all!  Sherry Romanzi and Erin Quinton continue to graciously accompany me at my live shows.  I include a few photos from recent performances. -- SEE BELOW

(Visit for videos.)

STUDIO UPDATES:  Remixing Touch of Magic is nearly finished.  Matt Ricci, Jon Patrick Brennan and I have now worked our way through all of the 20 tracks, and are at the final stage where only minor tweaking is required.  We are currently re-recording Spectrum from stratch, because this final, hidden track from the 1998 release was lost in digital transfer.  Piano & Vocals, and Acoustic Guitar are done, and next we'll add Viola, Flute, and Bassoon.

As you are no doubt aware, Summer is winding down, and soon people will head back to school, yours truly also, to teach piano at the French American School.  It will be good to see everyone again.  Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer!!

Fete de la Musique and Studio Projects this Summer

Our recent Three Ladies in May evening at the Brooklyn Coffee Tea House was a resounding success!  Many thanks to all who came down to support us -- Sherry Romanzi, Erin Quinton and I are most grateful.  Here's a photo of the three of us taken just after sound check.

May 19th 2018 at Brooklyn Coffee Tea House

Three Ladies in May

Last week I shared a song with a new friend at an Alliance Francaise event called La Chandeleur (Candlemas).  Sherry Romanzi and I played "Les Feuilles Mortes" and I include a photo by Sarah Leser of our song at that soiree.


I've asked Sherry to join my violist/violinist Erin Quinton Erban and me for a very special evening at 6 PM (Doors at 5:45) on Saturday May 19th at the Brooklyn Coffee Teahouse.  Erin and I will be performing Kari Tieger songs and instrumentals that have string parts.  Before our two sets, Sherry will come up to do a few of her originals, and it promises to be a lovely night of music.  Hope to see you there!!

KT, YouTube, and an ENDANGERED Partner Contract

Greetings, Good Subscribers.

I received word this week from Google that because my Youtube channel has not reached 4 thousand listening hours in the past 12 month period, I will soon lose my partner contract, and with it the right to monetize my original music.  I was given a month before they terminate the contract, to try to rectify the situation.  I've been told that should my songs reach that figure, the contract and monetization will be reinstated.

TOUCH OF MAGIC: Project Re-Release 2018

Greetings, All!

It's Official:  On December 11th, we begin remixing my first CD on TIGER SOUND, Touch of Magic (1998), with the goal of re-releasing it in 2018 for its 20th Anniversary.  Beloved by many, this promises to be a very interesting project.  I have long wished to hear the album with updated production values, and am most anxious to begin.

What a Wonderful Summer!

Summer is winding down, but the weather this season has been perfectly wonderful on the whole -- not too hot, with lots of sunny days.  It was my goal when school ended in June to play at a couple of new open mics, and to take advantage of any other performance opportunities that came my way.  

Happy to report that I did in fact perform at the Borealis & Pub on Park Open Mics, but also for the Fete de la Musique, at a music party hosted by friends in Londonderry, NH, and at a beautiful B&B in the New Hampshire Woods.  I include a few photos.


June was a bit of a blur!

Starting with the Spring Recital featured 23 (!) FASRI students on June 1st, through the Fete de la Musique at the Alliance Francaise on the Summer Solstice, the month of June fairly flew by!  Watching fireworks this past week, I shook my head in wonder that we now find ourselves halfway through 2017.

A music party with friends in NH beckons this weekend, and later this summer, following a production meeting or two, there are plans for studio work on a new Nightsong EP.  I'm excited to be adding to my catalog!

Here are a photo of yours truly from the Fete, along with the link for Valentine, which I performed in French with Kirk Feather on June 21st:  Enjoy!!


Those of you who follow Kari Tieger Music are familiar with the annual Summer Jam at the home of our good friends, Bill and Pam, where I've faithfully performed since 2009 (see videos at my youtube,  We recently celebrated Bill's 70th Birthday, at which -- not surprisingly -- there were a number of live performances.  I'm pleased to say I started things off with a set of my originals and one Beatles cover.

There are 4 new videos from the event at my channel, and here's a beautiful photo of me performing, taken that day by Sara Brennan.

Meanwhile, it continues to be a cool, rainy spring, but I will leave you with a sweet shot I took of the Muguet des bois (Lily of the Valley) in our Gnomes' Garden on a bright, sunny day earlier this month, before they are done blooming for this year.  See you later this summer!!

Spring and Summer Projects

Hello, People!  Happy Mother's Day!!

The warmer weather is pulling us all out of hibernation mode.  At FASRI the academic year is fast winding down, and my students and I are finishing preparation for our upcoming Spring Recital on June 1st.  I've begun to think about summer break and how to most frutifully fill the time off from school.

Next weekend I will be performing a short set of mostly originals at a friends' 70th birthday party, and soon plan to check out a couple of local open mics. 

It's also time to turn think about completing the long-awaited Nightsong EP.  It will include about a half dozen more songs from the musical, excluding the original 3 that inspired the show, from Trilogy of Nightsongs:  A Romantic View of Vampires (Something's Wrong, Midnight Muse, and Rise Up, Love).  Some of the songs will most likely be by Kevin Campbell, such as the title track.

I'm excited at the prospect of going back into the studio, and look forward to seeing many of you over the summer. 

The Nos Mots Piano Book is Released!!

Earlier this week, I suddenly realized I had never shared with you that my Nos mots Piano Book, companion to the award winning album of the same name, has been released for several weeks.

VALENTINE has been out all month!

It suddenly dawned on me today that I still hadn't done a blog Post-Release!  This is just to announce formally that Valentine was duly released on February 10th, and as of this writing we have distributed just about half of the 150 copies that were made.

I'm thrilled with the way the tracks look and sound -- Jon Patrick Brennan did an excellent job with the graphics (just as he did putting the songs together), and I think the whole CD package perfectly complements the content.  We've been getting great feedback, and virtually everyone loves the album.

If you haven't yet listened to or downloaded any of Valentine, you may do so at  It is also widely available at many digital partners, such as, ITunes, Deezer, Google Play, Spotify, and Pandora.

Here is the beautiful cover of Valentine.  Hope you all like it as much as we do.  Enjoy!!

Pre-Release of the Valentine Tracks

Since the title track of my Valentine CD will air at Women of Substance Radio on the first of February, and will premiere in their podcast #577 on February 8th (at noon Eastern Time), I've decided to make the whole album available online for pre-release as of February 1st as well.

On that date it can be heard at many sites, including ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and Soundrop (among others), and of course at!

There will still be an official Press Release on February 10th, and copies are always available for purchase from yours truly via face-to-face delivery.

As a teaser, I will say that at least two of the people in this photo play on the CD with me:

 'Tis the season of Love, people.  Leaving Politics aside, try to be kind to one another.  <3

Update on the Valentine's Project

An UPDATE:  Hello, People.  It's Saturday the 14th of January, and Valentine's Day is now just a month away.  For those of you who haven't gathered as much through recent posts on Facebook and Instagram, I thought I'd let you know that Natalie Diaz is NOT in fact doing the cover for Valentine.  Unfortunately she had way too much going on to do it justice.

So Jon Patrick Brennan -- already Co-Producer and one of the recording engineers for the album, as well as a contributing musician, AND composer/arranger of the viola and English Horn parts -- offered to do it, then subsequently decided to do all the graphics for the CD.  You might say he got inspired, once he saw the cover photo I was planning to use.  The rest of the theme and color scheme seemed to flow naturally, and yes, the only hint I will give you is that there may be a rose or two involved.  Duh!!  It IS a Valentine's release by Kari Tieger, after all...


Unlike New Year's Eve 2015, when I performed in a program at the Eagle in Fall River along with the Oh Nos and Dave Tessier's All Stars, this evening will be a very quiet night at home.  Currently recovering from a sinus infection (all too common for yours truly at this time of year!), the idea of curling up on the couch to watch TV sounds FAR more appealing than being out on the town, mingling and partying.

What I am doing TODAY is pulling together all we will need for the CD booklet.  Jon and I spent two excellent final mixing sessions with Tony Ricci in the last half of December, after which we determined that our 3-song single -- now to be called simply Valentine -- is ready for mastering!  What an awesome feeling, to finish out 2016!! 


We are mid way through December, and I'm happy to report that recording is now complete.  Mixing and mastering sessions have been booked for the last two weeks of the year, so it seems we are right on schedule at this point for a February release.

I'd like to take this occasion to wish you all a bright and merry, warm and wonderful holiday -- however you celebrate it -- surrounded by the shining faces of your loved ones, followed by a happy and healthy New Year.

Here I am at our last recording session, after meeting producer Michael Jonzun and his family, who were visiting Phil Greene at the studio.  They were lovely people!


See you in 2017!


Thanksgiving Thoughts

In the wake of the recent election, which incurred and encouraged so much divisiveness, it seems to me that we as a nation must now strive for unity.  The holidays have traditionally been the time of year when, to quote Scrooge's nephew Fred in A Christmas Carol, "men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them [i.e. less fortunate] as if they really were fellow passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys."  Nephew Fred refers to Yuletide as "a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time."  I have always felt this way too, and would hope that this year proves no different than any other in my memory. 


Our single continues to inch toward completion.  The English horn (or Cor Anglais) solo sounds beautiful, and here is a photo of yours truly with the lovely and talented Jane Murray.




At the same session, Jon added bass to another of the songs, and I include a photo of him wailing away, totally in his element.


Here's hoping you enjoy this national feast and gratitude day, however you choose to celebrate it, surrounded by dear ones.  Count your blessings, my friends!

In peace,


The End of the Year is Fast Approaching!

Now that my birthday celebration is winding down, we focus in earnest on the single.  Last week we recorded some flute tracks, and this Friday we're adding an English Horn line to one of the songs.  "Bit by bit, putting it together," as the line from the Barbra song goes.

ALSO, Two Kari Tieger songs in French will soon be featured on a webcast this week from Montreal Radio Cite, thanks to longtime fan and radio host Gerard Mauvillain, the link for which is  As soon as he gives me the details, I will post a short update, though I suspect it will remain available on their site.

September and October Flew By!

HOW can it possibly be the end of October?? 

We did get some of the recording done this summer for the 3-song single, just not as much as I had hoped.  However the single is definitely starting to come together.   If all goes well, we will finish recording the basic tracks in the next month or so, and be ready to mix by the end of the year.  The plan is to release it for Valentine's Day.

Lessons with both my private students and all those at the French American School (where I now teach 4 afternoons each week) are going extremely well, and we are currently preparing songs for our Winter Concert in January.

This is a short update;. I hope to have more to report next month.


Recording the Viola for Trio of Love Songs

This week we duly recorded the viola part at TRIAD as planned, and if all goes as we hope, it should completely transform the middle song of the 3-song single.

Here are several photos from yesterday's session. Pictured are Jon Patrick Brennan, Erin Quinton Erban, and yours truly.

The work continues!

July-September: Working on a New Single

Over the course of the next few months, we will be working on a three-song single (the working title for which is: "Trio of Love Songs").  As of this date, all three songs have been begun with piano/vocals.  Next up is recording a viola part for one, which may well complete it.  Then we'll add some drums, bass, and guitar to the other two, and see where we stand.  One might call for some jazz flute.  The project is shaping up nicely; the only obstacle is -- as always -- finding time in common with the players and engineers.

Perhaps we'll post a teaser or two in the weeks to come. 

Here's a recent photo of me in the studio, listening back to vocal tracks. 


More on You Tube

When I first wrote about my youtube channel last year in October 2015, I only had 34 subscriptions.  Happy to report that just 7 months later, that number has more than doubled, to 75.  While it's still a long way from the requisite 1,000 needed to qualify for a paid subscription status, it IS progress.

I've posted about 25 new videos over the past year, and will continue to add more as Ollie and I unearth them from the archives.  There may even be some new ones recorded this summer.  You can reach my youtube directly from this site, or by visiting: 

As always, thanks for listening, and PLEASE STAY TUNED.

Spring Has Sprung!

Now that the weather has turned warm again, I'm inspired to write about the recent winter that has passed us by.  It seems the groundhog was right -- Spring has come early to New England!

On January 21, 2016 at the French American School (FASRI) Winter Recital, my students and I performed a song I'd written called "En rigolant" ["While Laughing"] to promote friendship and peace featuring new French lyrics to the tune of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.

On March 23, 2016 several of my students will perform a short song I wrote called "Ces deux langues" ["These Two Languages"] at the Rhode Island State House, as part of a flag raising ceremony, in honor of this year's Francophonie.

I'll be back in a month or so to talk about summer events!


Seating is limited, but I am playing a short set for New Year's Eve at The Eagle in Fall River as part of a 1969 Retro Evening, along with Dave Tessier's All Star Tribute to the Monkees and The Oh Nos.

I will keep this brief, because it's such a busy time of year.  In the midst of the merry madness -- partying, running around buying and making last minute gifts -- do try to find your center and remember the reason for the season, people.  It's about LOVE, and connecting with those who mean the most to you.  It's all about gifts from the heart.  <3

On that note, I want to tell you all that there's a new page at where you can view my favorite youtube videos, both of my own music and by others.  I will be adding to it, but I invite you to enjoy!

Be kind to yourself and others this holiday season.  See you in 2016!

How Can It Be November?

At our last blog entry, it was the height of summer, and the warm lazy days still stretched ahead, full of promise and potential.  In August, my son and daughter-in-law were finalizing their wedding plans.  Then September arrived and proceeded to go by in a blur.  They were married September 26th on a perfect fall day in beautiful Colt State Park.

While performances of Kari Tieger Music have not been plentiful this year, we have begun recording some new material, and hope to release both a single and an EP, heading forward into 2016.  Stay tuned!

A Wonderful Performance

If you were able to join us in May at the Alliance Francaise, you know how much fun the evening was -- the band and I agree that it was one of our favorite performances ever!  We packed the cozy little Maison de la Francophonie, with a break for poesie and refreshments in the main house, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Dominique Gregoire even shared a glass of champagne with us afterwards.  :)  I thought I would share a few photos from the event.


Valentine's in May

Please join us at 7 PM tomorrow evening, Friday May 8th, as the Eclectic Quartet and I perform my love songs in English and French at an evening of Poetry and Music we are calling "Valentine's in May."  We were supposed to do this show in February, but the weather obliged us to postpone.

The Alliance Francaise is located at 928 Smith Street in Providence, RI, and their phone number is (401) 272-6243.  Tickets are $12 for Members, $15 for Non-Members.

Crocuses, Mini Daffodils and 2 Performances

Here are some of the crocuses after they bloomed.

Glorious Spring has arrived and with it seasonal allergies, but every rose does have its thorn, so don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining --  It's just challenging to sing around the sneezes!

In spite of the pollen we have a couple of shows coming up in May!

The first is The Eclectic Quartet's rescheduled Valentine's Performance at the Alliance Francaise on May 8th, and the second will find me solo at the Brooklyn Coffee Teahouse as part of the final Saturday of the RISA Songwriter Sessions for this year on May 16th.  Hope to see you at one of these!

Here are our Mini Daffodils, newly bloomed today:

Spring Remains Unsprung, But Not Unsung!

The calendar indicates that Spring has arrived, but the weather remains wintry, and the snow continues gradually and slowly to melt.  Still, my intrepid crocues are pushing their tender shoots above the soil line.

I too have come out of hibernation, and there are a few gigs coming up this Spring. Please check the calendar, and come on down to celebrate with us.

No Gig Today -- Come See Us in May!

The Eclectic Quartet was supposed to perform tonight at the Alliance Francaise for a Valentine's Music and Poetry evening, but we have postponed the event until May 8th.  Details will follow, but here are a couple of photos from the last time this particular group of four played together, at Manchester 65 in October 2013.

Now IS the Winter of Our Discontent & 1 Cent Shipping, People!

Much of the East Coast and particularly the Northeast region in recent weeks has been the target of many shovelfuls of SNOW!  So much so, that we were obliged to postpone our Valentine's Weekend performance that we had scheduled for February 13th until early May.  Couple this with a painful ingrown nail in my right thumb which made practicing impossible, and you have one unhappy camper, indeed!  Fortunately, the nail seems to be healing now, but the relentless snow continues to blanket our area, and we have run out of places to put it!

A Packet of Rave Reviews

It all started with Cyrus Rhodes, who posted a stunning endorsement of Illumination at in late December of 2014.  In fact he was so impressed by the album, he urged me to commission further reviews from his staff of writers, even offering to nominate it for Album of the Year.  Talk about exceeding expectations for a solitary sollicited review!

I followed up on his suggestion, I was blown away by both the overwhelmingly positive response from his team of writers, and the dazzling diversity genre descriptions and artists referenced in their reviews.

Artists included some of the usual suspects -- Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Annie Lennox, Buffy St. Marie, and Norah Jones -- and in a somewhat similar group, I would add Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell.  But I also saw myself compared to the likes of Sarah MacLachlan, Loreena McKennit, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, and Lana Del Rey, as well as a string of other artists, some of whose work I had never heard. One comment I value greatly said that my songs showed "honesty like Sia, Emiliana Torrini, Sineaid O'Connor, Imogen Heap and Aimee Mann."  To discover the others, you will just have to peruse the reviews!

I thought I would list some of those genres, to be followed by links to the reviews themselves.  Reviewers referred to what I do as Intellectual Theatrical Pop, Dramatic and Melancholy Pop, High End Orchestral Vocal-Pop, Celtic Folk, and two particular favorites, Passionate Neo-Classically driven Pop Rock, and a Multidimensional Euro-World fusion of indie-rock and modern neo-classical, psychedelic rock.  Wow.

New Year's Musing

Hello, All.  2014 was a very exciting year, and we've made it to 2015.  It's wintertime now, although the milder than usual temperatures might convince one otherwise.  Kari Tieger Music found its way to the ears of new fans across the globe.

Discover Kari Tieger Music on You Tube

You Tube has become an increasingly important way for fans to explore an artist's catalogue of music.  I consider myself more of a recording artist than a performer, so my youtube channel has never been a very big focus.  Until more recently, that is.

Another week, another radio interview??

August 2014 held 3 radio interviews, two on, the Women's Radio Network, and the third on WCRI,, with Mike Maino.

8 Minute Radio Interview

On Monday, August 11th, I had a live radio interview on, the Women's Radio Network.  I was asked to talk about what had inspired me to pursue this profession.  While it certainly helps having come from a musical family, the music itself is really what has always been the driving force behind every song and every album I've ever created and released. 

I don't usually set out to write a song, although many recommend working at it daily.  More often, I will begin to feel the need to express an idea, or I may find myself "haunted" by a certain progression or motif.  Sometimes a song starts with the lyrics, and sometimes with music -- I find they are equally valid ways to arrive at a song. 

Other songwriters, authors, and artists will know exactly what I mean when I say that creation is very much a birthing process.  No matter what else you are doing, whenever a new idea is working on you (and not the other way around!), it lurks in your consciousness, waiting to achieve expression.

Cheers until next month!

I attach a photo my husband Ollie took of me during the interview:


25 Years of Recording at TRIAD

In summer of 1989, a friend referred me to Tony Ricci to mix a multi-track song he and I had recorded in the small studio he ran from his piano reburbishing business.  The song was Spectrum, featured on Spectator of the Spectrum, Volume 8 of the Digital Mystery Tour series, and later, as a hidden track on my first CD, Touch of Magic, in 1998.



4 Generations of a Musical Family

It suddenly dawned on me that this quartet represents four generations of music making at the keys, two of whom have passed on, with the other two still at it.

Mediator Open Mic, Thursday May 29th, 2014

This past Thursday, I went down to see Kevin Lucas perform his first feature at the Mediator and pulled out some older Kari Tieger tunes for the Open Mic, not wanting to duplicate  songs I'd played there in April, nor any the band and I will be playing at our upcoming feature in July.

Longtime fans of KT music will recognize the titles Green Eyes, Tu demeures dans mon coeur, and Just a Nate, as all 3 were on my 1998 debut album, Touch of Magic.  

I debated whether to play the funky old upright or the grand, but was persuaded

to sit down at the grand because it "would look better."  Congenial host Don Tassone took some photos, one of which I've posted.

Incidentally, if all goes well, the July 24th gig may be filmed for Harrison Young's "Topic Time."

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